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Welcome to the Arizona Institute of Motion, where we provide high-quality orthopedic care for the entire family, young or old. Our sports medicine doctor, Dr. Cory, provides top-tier care, making each of his patients feel like they are a VIP. It doesn’t matter whether you need an orthopedic surgeon, podiatric surgeon, or a sports orthopedic doctor, our sports injury orthopedic clinic serving Phoenix, AZ, and Scottsdale, AZ, can accommodate your needs.

An Orthopedic Physician Who Cares

Our sports injury physician provides specialized and high-quality care because he recognized an industry need for customer commitment with a personalized touch. Thanks to his dedicated service in the sports injury orthopedic surgery field, when you come to our clinic, you aren’t treated like a quota or a number, you’re treated like a person with a special focus on your individual needs.

With our care, you’ll get the treatments you need to heal, recover, and move better. We combine our mission, vision, and values to help families and our community achieve greater wellness. We employ an innovative technique that combines art and science to achieve our vision and help our patients achieve their goals.

If you’re looking for a sports injury orthopedic clinic in the Phoenix, AZ, or Scottsdale, AZ, area, call the Arizona Institute of Motion today. We can schedule your private appointment or telemedicine appointment to get you the elite, personalized orthopedic care you deserve with our orthopedic physician.

To schedule your appointment, or to learn more, call our main office in Scottsdale, AZ, at (480) 473-FOOT (3668).

We now offer in office and concierge IV Therapy.

Call us or visit our IVie page for more information.


We are taking extra precautions to ensure the health and safety of our patients during this time.

We have temporarily changed our office hours to better serve our community.

We are currently seeing patients Monday – Friday from 9am until 3pm.

Private appointments can be requested during this time as well if you do not wish to be around other people.

Ability In Motion

The Arizona Institute of Motion has created the Ability In Motion program to help our patients begin to understand how posture and stability can be affected by injuries, weaknesses, imbalances or deformities of the lower extremities.

This program is led by Josh Dull, the newest member of the AIM family. He attended Sacramento State University where he earned a degree in Kinesiology. In addition to his education, Josh also played four years of college soccer, coached youth soccer, and has earned a reputation as a passionate, well- educated athletic trainer.

Josh and Dr. Cory continuously work together on creating personalized prescription exercise programs. Each custom program combines decades of experience guiding the sports medicine of youth, college, and professional athletes. Cutting edge 3D testing is used for patients who have issues with balance, vertigo, walking, running, knee and hip stability and strength. Dr. Cory and his team believe that by studying these factors in our patients we can help them avoid unnecessary surgeries and injuries.

Josh is in the office most weekdays teaching our patients of all ages how to move and feel better. Call our office today to schedule an appointment for your personalized prescription.