Dr. John Cory treats foot and ankle problems in all age groups from infants to geriatrics, and his physical therapy practice includes congenital defects, trauma, degenerative and arthritic conditions. Dr. Cory's practice is further highly specialized in the treatment of sports foot and ankle injuries.

Dr. Cory was proud to be the inaugural physician for Barca academy
Barca Academy enjoyed a great partnership with FC Barcelona, one of the premier and most renowned soccer clubs in the world, and Grande Sports Academy, one of the most successful youth soccer development academies in the United States. Incorporating his life-long passion for soccer and devotion to the art and science of human motion, Dr. Cory was honored to be their Supervising Club Physician for the Grande Sports Academy.
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Any foot and ankle procedure is welcome to our office, but for the athlete’s we’ve found a deep passion for form and function. After all, you are committing your life to excelling and giving it your total mind and body. Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, our physical therapy team is committed to getting you back to the sport you love. The AIM team has an extensive background in foot and ankle trauma, as well as sports and activity related injuries, to include overuse injuries. Dr. Cory has either previously served or currently operates as the team surgeon and/or consultant for these prestigious teams.

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Team Cory in Action features photos, videos, and testimonials from Dr. Cory's athlete patients that are in full recovery.

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The NFL, Foot and Ankle Injuries, and Preventative Measures

    With another week completed in the National Football League (NFL) 2018-2019 season, arguably the most profitable organization of professional sports, injuries have made appearances among round one draft picks like offensive lineman Isaiah Wynn and beloved franchise players such as Larry Fitzgerald. The NFL’s injury rate does not appear to be dropping anytime […]

Operation Hope Mission to Nigeria – Interview with Dr. Cory

    In the summer of 2017, Dr. John W. Cory and his wife Kelly, an experienced 20-year Army trauma nurse, traveled to Nigeria with Living Hope Christian Charities: Operation Hope, a charity founded by the Acho brothers, Sam and Emmanuel. Sam Acho is a former Arizona Cardinals and now starting linebacker for the Chicago […]