Tia Wenkman | Ballet Master

In November of 2018, Tia Wenkman was injured a month before her performance in The Nutcracker as Sugar Plum Fairy. She dislocated her patella and tore her MPFL (medial patellofemoral ligament). She was introduced to Dr. Cory who helped her through hours of physical therapy, cross-training, and even acupuncture, in order to perform.

It only took her a month to get back to performing, full force. Tia performed six additional shows following The Nutcracker.

“Working with these medical experts helped me to understand how my body works as an athlete,” Tia says. “With a great medical team behind me, I feel I can perform more confident now.”

This summer Tia attended the American Ballet Theater in New York. This 2019/2020 season she is training at the Royal Ballet School in London where she has multiple scholarships.

“I owe my road to recovery to Dr. Cory, Tom Bracher, and my family. They made my miracle come true.”