Dr. Cory believes that it is important to mentor medical providers of the future and help educate them in the art of human motion. He is a clinical professor of sports medicine, foot and ankle injuries, youth sports, and traumatic injuries in Orthopedics.


My experience at Arizona Institute of Motion has had a very positive impact on my career. After graduating college, I was hired full-time as a medical assistant in Dr. Cory’s orthopedic office. During my time here, Dr. Cory took time out of his busy schedule to explain to me everything there is to know about the foot and ankle; I learned how to read X-rays, make proper differential diagnoses, and important surgical procedures. He set up cadaver labs for his students to learn the procedures that he performed.

 Not only did I gain anatomical knowledge from Dr. Cory, but I also became aware of the importance of proper bedside manner. Dr. Cory always encouraged me to interact with the patients and develop relationships with them. I am fortunate to have worked for a physician who encouraged me to learn and prepare for my future in the medical field. I would not be in PA school if it weren’t for my experience at Arizona Institute of Motion.

Sofia Haserot

Dr. Cory’s mentorship has been instrumental in my pursuit of becoming a physician and medical researcher. Through his initiative to prepare the next generation of healthcare professionals, I was exposed to patient centered care while interning in clinic. He taught me how to interview patients, analyze medical images, present cases, practice diagnosing, and develop treatment plans. I was also able to observe surgeries in the operating room.

After interning with Dr. Cory, I began researching with him by designing and prototyping a dynamic ligament ankle bracing system protecting against sprains, and Jones/Lisfranc injuries. We developed a virtual 3D model of the design and worked through computer simulations of ground reaction forces travelling through ankle ligaments during injury. We obtained funding through the Athletic Research Grant at ASU. With this funding, we have begun prototyping and building a testing apparatus that would simulate ankle injury. As an engineer in undergrad, the hardest part of starting successful research was the lack of patient contact. As a physician you are constantly exposed to healthcare inadequacy and Dr. Cory showed me how a physician can engage in research.

Finally, Dr. Cory has shown me how practicing medicine is so much more than clinic and research. I’ve seen how he actively participates in the community which helps gain trust and confidence with the people we seek to serve. What always strikes me about walking into his office is the framed photographs and sports jerseys covering the walls. Every single piece is signed showing these are more than souvenirs but reminders of relationships. They each tell a story of how someone got injured, received help, and returned to doing what they love. This is a process I desperately want to be a part of and my time with Dr. Cory has cemented that desire.

Andrew Nelson

Patient Testimonials

Dr. Cory is one of a kind. He is selfless, empathetic, and always there for his patients. I suffered a severe sports related injury and Dr. Cory was there to help me that same day. As a new mom, I had many concerns about how I would care for my daughter after an operation. I was fearful that I wouldn’t be able to bond with her and give her the attention that she deserved. Fortunately, Dr. Cory had some great suggestions on how I could allow my body to heal while still spending quality time with my baby. He helped me physically and emotionally every step of the way. I am forever grateful for the guidance and support that I received from Dr. Cory and his team.

Krystalin Barnett

Professional Testimonials

Dr. Cory is a very passionate and energetic person with a caring nature. He has a unique gift that allows him to create custom recovery plans based on his patient’s history and future goals. He works closely with physical therapists and trainers to understand what we really do. He takes the time to visit our facility, check on his patients, and ask questions. Dr. Cory creates meaningful relationships and is driven by helping people feel better.

Brett Fischer, PT, ATC, CSCS, DN, Cert. ASTYM

I met Dr. Cory two years ago at one of my seminars and we have remained friends since that day. I consider Dr. Cory to be an elite surgeon who is always wanting to learn more about his patients. I have a lot of respect for him and the work he does in community. Not only is Dr. Cory an excellent doctor, he is also one of the most generous and humble people I know.

Dr. Gary Gray PT, FAFS

Chief Executive Officer of the Gray Institute

Dr. Cory will guide you through a soccer career that keeps you healthy and teaches you about proper nutrition and all the things you need to do as an athlete. He is a doctor who can treat you when your injured, coach you as a movement specialist, and teach you the fine art and nuances of injury prevention. As a soccer player, you need a doctor who has an intimate knowledge of the sport. Dr Cory can pull all the pieces together; not just the physical but also the psychological. He is such a multidimensional person. Dr. Cory knows soccer on an intimate level because he played for some highly respected coaches when he was growing up. All the stuff we learn as soccer guys, we take with us through our lives. He has taken that knowledge of soccer to a higher level by becoming a doctor. He’s not just a Doctor of Medicine, he’s a doctor of soccer.

Tibor Pelle

I had two severe injuries in the beginning of November, so I flew back here from Spain to see Dr. Cory. It turns out that I needed to have surgery and recovery would take four months. I was pretty upset to hear this news, but I remained optimistic because I knew Dr. Cory would get me back to where I needed to be. I was prescribed physical therapy and swimming to regain strength.  After about three months, I was cleared to head back to Spain and continue playing professional soccer again. I was fortunate to have a doctor who gave me the support I needed to heal properly. I am looking forward to getting back in the game and I could not have done it without Dr. Cory.

Nicholas Paige

Professional Soccer, Spain