Taking Care Of Your Ankles – Prevention and Symptoms

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Ankle injuries are the most common injuries in not just athletes but really anyone. The twist of an ankle or sprain are what we see most, but the worst is an ankle break. An Achilles tendon rupture is one that will also cause a lot of pain in the lower leg and ankle. This is why taking care of your ankles is so important. 

If you have any doubts about how severe your ankle injury is, we have 4 Myths About Sprained Ankles that will help you with these common injuries and taking care of your ankles. We are the experts in Ankle care and want to make sure you have the best treatment options.

Best Practice- Prevention

To prevent ankle injuries, make sure you are taking care of your ankles. Here are three ways to practice prevention.

Warm up

Lightly stretch slow jog for prior to long runs or any sport play to warm up your muscles. Don’t force the stretches, but start slow and make sure to set aside time to do this.


There are preseasons for major league athletes because they need to condition themselves and their muscle to the daily workouts and plays they will be moving their bodies in. Training your body to run 13.1 miles doesn’t happen over night. Many athletes will cross train by participating in different activities can help build the muscles that isn’t directly their sport. Yoga or weight lifting are common activities used in cross training.

Your shoes matter

Flat feet, high arches and arch support are necessary for most athletes, regardless of sport or even if you consider yourself an athlete at all. Your feet should be stable in your shoes and your shoes should reflect the activity you are participating in. Running shoes might not be the best practice for hiking or even soccer.


Contact us today if you feel you have an ankle injury and start taking care of your ankles.

published on Friday, October 28th, 2016