Scottsdale Ankle Surgery From An Expert Surgeon

Scottsdale Ankle Surgery

Ankle injuries can be frustrating and incredibly painful. You use your ankle when you walk and move, so if you have an ankle injury or chronic problem, it can be almost impossible to live a normal daily life. If you have problems with your ankle, your doctor may recommend surgery to correct the problem and help get you back to improved health. This guide will help you better understand what to expect when you have to undergo Scottsdale ankle surgery.

Understanding Ankle Surgery

If you have an ankle injury or problem with your ankle, your doctor may recommend surgery to help get you back to optimal health. There are a number of reasons ankle surgery is a recommendation. Some of these reasons are:

If your doctor recommends Scottsdale ankle surgery, he or she will recommend a specific procedure based on your injury or ankle problem. Different injuries require different procedures. How invasive the procedure depends on what is being done by the surgeon to treat your ankle injury. For more information, contact us here and we’ll do our best to answer all your questions.

The Benefits of Ankle Surgery

Your doctor won’t recommend ankle surgery unless he or she thinks it’s the best option for dealing with your condition. Your surgeon determines surgery after close consideration of all non-surgical solutions including, but not limited to:

Even minimally invasive surgery is taken seriously, so it’s not something that you should dismiss if it’s suggested. Ankle surgery can mean the difference between a full recovery and a lifetime of ankle problems. Once you recover from your ankle surgery and regain mobility and functionality of your ankle, you’ll be able to return to your normal daily life without worrying about the pain and frustration of your ankle injury.

There are benefits of having ankle surgery when you have an injury or other ankle problems. Some of these benefits are:

Common Ankle Injuries and Procedures

The most common ankle injury is a sprain, but this usually does not require surgery unless it is compounded with other injuries or does not heal properly. In addition, patients with repeated (chronic) ankle sprains may have ankle surgery to treat the ongoing problem. Along with sprains, the following are common ankle injuries and the surgical procedures used to fix them.

Sports-Related Injuries

Sports are great for staying in good health and also offer a beneficial outlet for friendly competition, but they do have a downside – Sports Injuries. Being that there is a lot of running, pivoting, and jumping, sports produce a large amount of foot and ankle injuries. They are hard to predict, however, the technology and treatment for these various injuries have significantly advanced over time.

Broken Bone

Scottsdale Ankle Surgery

There are many small bones in the ankle and foot. When you break your ankle, surgery can be used to align the bones properly so they heal or to use hardware, such as pins, to keep the ankle bones in place as they heal so you can regain proper mobility.


When you have osteoarthritis, you can experience severe pain as the joint cartilage wears down. If you have osteoarthritis in your ankles, surgery can be used to remove inflamed tissue, get rid of bone spurs, and smooth rough cartilage. This eases the pain associated with osteoarthritis that can keep you from your normal daily life.

Weak Ankles/Ankle Instability

If you have weak ankles, you may experience ongoing pain and repeated injuries. This may mean that Scottsdale ankle surgery will be recommended to fix the problems and provide support to your ankles so that you don’t experience problems for the rest of your life. Not only will this help ease pain and reduce re-injury but will help you to be more mobile and functional on a daily basis.

Are You Needing Scottsdale Ankle Surgery?

If your doctor has recommended Scottsdale ankle surgery, we would love to help you get back to maximum health. With over 20 years of experience, Dr. John Cory has been recognized as one of the top foot and ankle surgery practices in Scottsdale. His practice also specializes in sports-related injuries.

Dr. Cory believes that his purpose has come full circle as he uses his knowledge and expertise to guide young athletes in not only recovering from an injury but in the prevention of injury through optimized movement and athleticism. You can be sure that our foot doctors will help you get back on your feet!

Scottsdale Ankle Surgery


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