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I Vie can offer a way to increase stamina and enhance performance to help you reach your fitness goals.

Whether you are just beginning an exercise routine, or have been exercising for most of your life, or perhaps you are a professional athlete. Bottom line is, we are all seeking similar goals; enhancing performance, rapid recovery, or reduction of muscle and joint discomfort, to name a few. You should feel rehydrated, rested, and even a surge of energy after your infusion.

IVie offers infusions which can assist you in achieving these goals. Need a boost before a long golf game in the hot, Arizona sun? Or a "pick-me-up" after the golf game? Need some added energy before a gymnastics meet? Before or after a marathon? Or a Mud Run? There are many daily activities that can simply dehydrate and exhaust you. We can help you defeat that exhaustion, quickly and conveniently. In addition, all infusions are proven safe, effective, FDA and WADA approved.


For those of us who want to beat the signs of aging, I Vie offers infusions with anti-aging properties to help you to look and feel your best!

We spend our lives trying to seek the Fountain Of Youth, only to become disappointed in our search. There are many services offering fillers, facelifts, and unnatural enhancements, which are expensive, time-consuming, and with long recovery periods. Most of us simply do not have the time, money, or patience to utilize these services.

If you are looking for something that is safe, effective, NATURAL, and convenient, IVie can help. The Anti-Aging infusions are most popular for those women and men who want to feel and look beautiful inside and out. With a special blend of essential vitamins and minerals, we can turn back the clock and reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and Crow's Feet, to name a few. After your infusion, your skin will look refreshed and appear hydrated.


Alcohol dehydrates the body very quickly and hydration therapy is your way of preventing other symptoms that are unwelcome to your body.

The Brown Bottle Flu is REAL. And we realize that we are not a perfect species; but occasionally, sometimes, we simply drink too much. It happens to us all. Do you need relief from too much bubbly from the night before? Or the fountain of Yeagershots your friends kept giving you, while chanting "Drink! Drink!" on the eve of your bachelor party? Only to awaken with no eyebrows? (IVie cannot help with you with that. However, we will have Sharpie markers on hand.) Alcohol quickly dehydrates the body, thus leading to other symptoms that are unwelcome to your body.

IVie can help. If you have an important event you need to attend after a long night, we have infusions to rehydrate your body, treat nausea, reduce body aches and resolve headaches. We promise to maintain your privacy and only you can choose to put your events on social media. We can come to your home privately, without judgement, and help you restart your day as though you had a long night's sleep.


If you’re looking to resist the urge to see your primary care doctor or make a trip to the Emergency Room, I Vie can be your key to recovery.

Maybe you are not an athlete or not seeking to be the next pageant queen. Perhaps you just want to be rid of the symptoms of a lingering cold. Or the over-the-counter medications just do not seem to be quelling that "run-down" feeling that has you hibernating at home. Or it may be that your body has become resistant to the numerous prescription antibiotics you have been exposed to, leaving you feeling sick and defeated ( and broke!) So, resist the urge to see your primary care doctor or make a trip to the Emergency Room.

IVie offers infusions which help to boost your natural immune system. Immunosuppressed? You, too, can safely receive these infusions. For years, cancer patients have been receiving Vitamin C infusions to assist their immune systems to fight secondary infections. The added benefit is that it makes the skin look young, youthful and without wrinkles. Let IVie come to you, in the comfort of your home, and we'll fight these symptoms together.

To provide health and wellness for those who want to look, feel, and BE healthy. Having the ability to do your everyday activities without feeling exhausted is so important to all of us, especially with our busy lifestyles, between juggling family and/or work. As a nurse in the Emergency Department, many of the conditions I have seen and treated were PREVENTABLE. I Vie offers a way to provide care, either in my office or in the comfort of your own home, without the long wait in the lobby to be seen by a physician, or the high cost of medical bills and co-pays. To name a few, I Vie can provide relief of fatigue, general aches, joint pain, hangovers, inflammation, and dehydration. All infusions are safe, effective, and FDA approved. In addition, all infusions can be tailored to your specific needs.



ReVitalize (Myers Cocktail)

Enhances the immune system, reduces fatigue, and eases seasonal allergies
$  120

ReJuvenate (Hydrogen Peroxide)

Helps to prevent and fight cold and flu symptoms
$  100

Reinforce (Low-Dose Vitamin C)

Boosts the immune system using anti-viral, antibacterial and antihistamine properties.
$  100

ReCover (Hangover Bag)

Rehydrates the body, reduces fatigue, and alleviates muscle aches and joint discomfort
$  80 for one/$150 for two

Revive(One liter Normal Saline)

Simple saline to rehydrate and plump cells, reducing symptoms of dehydration
$  50

Replenish (Amino Acids)

Helps the body produce energy, decrease fatigue, and enhance exercise endurance. Great for athletes, vegans and vegetarian
$  100


Regain B12

Provides an instant energy boost and aids in weight loss reduction
$  20

B12 bundle #1

One month worth (5 doses) includes one vial and 5 syringes
$  50

B12 bundle #2

Includes 12 vials (total 60 doses), insulin syringes, and sharps container
$  650

Renew (Glutathione)

Potent antioxidant to improve skin, nail and hair health. Also reduces oxidative stress and fight against autoimmune disease
$  40

Repair (Keto)

Reduces inflammation and discomfort of joints and muscles
$  25

Reduce (Zofran)

Ease the symptoms of nausea
$  25

Keto/Zofran Combo

Both given in combination either IV or IM
$  45

ReEnergize (Magnesium)

Helps with symptoms of muscle cramps, and aids in gaining a restful sleep
$  50

Free Concierge Service to schedule, call (480) 744-IVIE (4843)

Please keep in mind that infusions take time to prepare. Same day request of infusions require a minimum of two hours preparation to maintain the integrity of the components and solutions. Preparing solutions too far in advance may affect the efficacy and effectiveness of the infusion, potentially rendering the infusion ineffective. Thank you for your understanding and patience. I strive to give my clients the best and safest service possible.

Arizona Institute of Motion
Arizona Institute of Motion

Kelly Hahn, Director and Founder of I Vie


I have been an Emergency Room/Trauma nurse for more than 25 years, which I still love, but interactions are limited and impersonal; understandably, it goes with the nature of the business, but I wanted my patients to have more. I wanted to offer immediate and convenient care, and for them to feel important and special. This service will reduce Emergency Room visits, eliminate expensive co-pays, and provide proven and effective results in a short period of time. I want to provide our community with what they deserve and want: Specialized and personalized care!

Also, I have the pleasure of collaborating with Dr. John Cory of Aim Fast Sports, who specializes in Athletic Movement & Performance, and Anna Sparks with Sparks Systems, whose speciality is nutrition and metabolism. The benefit of this collaboration is offering a holistic approach to health and wellness. For anyone interested, those services will be offered to you.

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