How to Deal with a High Ankle Sprain in Scottsdale

high ankle sprain scottsdale

Injuries are common, especially among athletes who compete in contact sports. Some injuries are minor and can be dealt with at home. Other injuries, even if they seem minor, should be taken care of by a professional. A high ankle sprain is one injury that should be taken care of by a physical therapy professional who is dedicated to helping you heal so you can get back in the game.


What is a High Ankle Sprain?

A high ankle sprain is a sprain that occurs above the ankle at the lowest part of the leg. Medically speaking, it is a sprain of the syndesmotic ligaments connecting the fibula and tibia, which creates a mortise and tenon joint for the ankle. Though this is a less common type of ankle sprain, it is no less painful for the ankle.


How a High Ankle Sprain Occurs?

A high ankle sprain in Scottsdale occurs due to a twisting movement outward of the foot when the foot is planted firmly on the ground. This type of sprain can occur when a football player is tackled, depending on how the opposing player tackles the player whose feet are planted. It helps to consult with a specialist if you think you may have suffered a high ankle sprain or something similar.

high ankle sprain scottsdale



When a high ankle sprain occurs, patients typically report pain in the leg above the ankle. This pain worsens when the patient twists the foot outward in the direction that caused the sprain in the first place. Patients in Scottsdale can also experience swelling and bruising at the site of the sprain. Patients experience pain with walking or standing and when the site is touched, such as during an examination. Pain can worsen if the injury is not treated. If left untreated, the ankle may become more injured, leading to long-term and serious damage to the patient’s ankle. Don’t let this happen to you. Reach out to an experienced foot surgeon if your sprain worsens and needs surgery.



Depending on the severity of the sprain, the patient may need a walking boot to stabilize the ankle as it heals. The patient may also need crutches for walking due to the force that passes through the high ankle with each step. Since the sprain causes the fibula and tibia to be separated, walking is incredibly painful.

Along with stabilizing the injury, physical therapy is often used to help the injury heal and to build the patient’s strength during the recovery period. The therapy will ensure that, once the sprain heals, the patient is able to walk and run properly. This is particularly necessary for football players or other athletes in contact sports, who may be more vulnerable to this type of ankle sprain. It is always important to understand best practices when taking care of your ankles.

More severe sprains may require surgery. An assessment of the sprain when it occurs will determine what treatment is needed. If surgery is used, patients typically still have physiotherapy as part of the recovery process.


Preventing a High Ankle Sprain in Scottsdale

high ankle sprain scottsdale
Prevention is the safest and easiest way to deal with a high ankle sprain. However, proper prevention requires knowledge about the ankle and how these sprains can be prevented. Stretching before playing a contact sport or running is a good start to prevent this type of sprain. In addition, there are specific exercises that can be used to strengthen the ankle’s muscles, tendons, and ligaments, which can prevent a high ankle sprain in Scottsdale from occurring. Doing exercises to help improve your balance can also be useful in preventing this type of sprain.

Even if you think your high ankle sprain is minor, it’s important to get an examination and seek treatment right away. The professionals at Arizona Insititute of Motion can help you heal quickly and recover so that, once your ankle is healed, you’ll be ready and able to get back on the field and into the game.


published on Sunday, December 30th, 2018