The NFL, Foot and Ankle Injuries, and Preventative Measures

With another week completed in the National Football League (NFL) 2018-2019 season, arguably the most profitable organization of professional sports, injuries have made appearances among round one draft picks like offensive lineman Isaiah Wynn and beloved franchise players such as Larry Fitzgerald. The NFL’s injury rate does not appear to be dropping anytime soon, considering they are only just finished Week 3.

As of Monday, September 17th there have been 372 injuries listed for active NFL players according to USA Today, with the following number related to foot or ankle injuries:

9 Achilles Injuries

38 Sprained or Fractured Ankles

26 Foot Injuries

4 Toe(s) Injuries

Considering the high injury rate in the NFL, fans often question, “What can a player do to prevent injury? What resources are available to educate my young athlete to prevent an injury during the season?” A method that Dr. Corya foot and ankle specialist, strongly believes in prior to any type of physical activity is dynamic stretching. As high school athletes return to fall sports such as football, volleyball, or swimming there are a variety of stretches and motions to help activate muscles- which can reduce the chance of injury.

Dr. Cory often refers his patients to Fischer’s Institute located in Tempe, Arizona which won the “Best Physical Therapists in Phoenix” for 2017. Fischer’s Institute conducts the physical therapy for the Arizona Cardinals and is the premier training facility to prepare for the NFL Combine.

“Six stretches to get NFL-caliber agility” is an article published by Fischer’s Institute on the NFL blog page that promotes the same mentality of the importance of dynamic stretching that Dr. Cory holds. This article reinforces the importance of participating in warmups that incorporate the movement of their sport along with stretching that is geared towards activation in order to reduce the risk of potential injury.

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Written by: Kayla Forte & Amanda Hernandez