Arizona’s Professional Team Doctors – In Our Community

Scottsdale, Arizona – Soccer Docs AZ is a local group of respected doctors and physical therapists who are committed to healing and rehabilitating injured youth sports athletes. Their goal within the community is to provide the timeliest and most effective care for your family. By working closely with coaches all over the valley, they respond to on field and off field injuries. They handle everything from the initial evaluation to rehabilitation and even follow-ups. These standards help to ensure the highest level of care for young athletes.

Soccer Docs AZ is striving to engage all healthcare providers who are already part of the soccer community to provide emergency care and complete follow through. Hospitals and urgent care facilities can offer urgent treatment but then require referrals to subspecialists. This means the patient may not receive the well-coordinated care that is necessary for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Dr. John Cory founded Soccer Docs AZ in 2019 because of his passion for sports medicine and his love for community. “I came up with the idea of Soccer Docs AZ when several leaders of our youth sports teams in Arizona all came to me and asked the same question, ‘Is there one number we can call to reach a provider no matter where the athlete is located in the valley?’ At this point, I knew I would need to take some sort of action, my community did not have timely access to the care they needed. I am a firm believer that everyone should be able to receive the same high level of care as our professional athletes do.” Said, Cory.

The company began to expand as several other providers who shared a common passion for sports medicine and community joined forces with Dr. Cory.  Graham Gould, a Physical Therapist, says, “The best part of working with Soccer Docs AZ is knowing that I am there when people need me the most. I really enjoy helping athletes get back on the field to do what they love; it’s rewarding to know that I get to be a small part of their success.”

Soccer Docs AZ works closely with the local youth soccer team, Phoenix Rising. By offering easy accessibility and quality care to these young athletes they hope to see less surgeries in the future. A major focus for the group is to teach young athletes’ preventative techniques and proper motion. “I spend a lot of time volunteering for clubs in the state of Arizona and other parts of the world, my goal is to see healthier athletes everywhere.” Said, Cory.

Dr. Destin Hill (left) and Dr. John Cory