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Dr. John Cory

John grew up playing soccer from the age of six and was an avid Tampa Bay Rowdies fan. He continued playing soccer for his first two seasons at Wake Forest University, which allowed John to have the opportunity to play for several of the finest coaches on the East Coast.

After hanging up his cleats, John’s lifelong interest focused on sports movement, conditioning, nutrition, and sports injuries, he became the strength coach at Wake Forest University.

Receiving his Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology, John worked for a series of exercise and cardiac rehabilitation facilities. This allowed him to be involved in the physical training of three NASCAR teams which included, developing a nutritious menu with the major restaurant chain and one of our NASCAR drivers, and training the NASCAR Winston Cup champion in the early 1990s. Through these actions, John participated in the first NASCAR team to have a sports medicine program.

John returned to Winston-Salem, North Carolina for medical school at the Bowman Gray School of Medicine at Wake Forest University.
His lifelong interest continued as he pursued and worked on various research projects, musculoskeletal care, and sports injuries. Continuing his training at the renowned American Sports Medical Institute (ASMI) in Birmingham, Alabama he was afforded the opportunity to work with renowned surgeons such as Dr. John Gould, Dr. James Andrews, Dr. Larry Lemak, Dr. William Clancy and fellows from multiple countries.  Dr. Cory then spent several years as the Director of the Northern Utah Sports, Foot, and Ankle Center while additionally providing care to the athletes of Weber State University, Wyoming University, Canadian ski team, and numerous extreme athletes including, motocross and mountain biking, ice climbing, snowboarding to include halfpipe athletes.
In the early 2000s, Dr. Cory decided to escape the white snow-capped mountains for the desert scenery of ‘The Valley’ and has been here since, with the exception of one year where he returned to ASMI to assist Dr. Angus McBryde in teaching the fellowship in foot and ankle surgery.

Dr. Cory has been fortunate to work with some of the finest sports physical therapists, athletic trainers, and other orthopedic surgeons and has been involved with athletes from USA gymnastics, USA rugby, USA soccer, USA track and field, USA Dance, the Arizona Cardinals, the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Arizona Coyotes, multiple Major League Baseball teams during spring training, ASU athletics, and Barca Academy US.

Dr. Cory believes that the true practice of medicine includes teaching and has continued to teach through ASU’s pre-health sciences program as a community educator, Assistant Professor UACOM-P, Dept of Orthopedics, as well as DO programs, PA programs, nursing programs, and even high school and junior high school students that show a dedicated interest toward the healthcare field in the future. The Socratic method has continued to guide Dr. Cory in practicing the art of medicine within his community, while he gives back to the next generation of physicians.

John and his wife Kelly have three sons along with two dogs, one of whom is Achilles The Great and is an emotional support dog for Dr. Cory’s office.  Achilles is typically in the office 2 to 3 days a week with Dr. Cory and has become the patient favorite in the office.

Dr. Cory’s interest in soccer has grown and flourished throughout the years and volunteers at the Barca Academy USA as the supervising physician, while also working with high-level soccer clubs in developmental academies here in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area. Dr. Cory has been appointed one of the two US soccer physicians in Phoenix over the last five years and has been the on-field surgeon for eight international soccer games including the Gold Cup and Copa America Centenario, as well as covering local US soccer training events and coaching seminars.

Through his love and dedication to soccer and his passion within the medical field, Dr. Cory believes that his purpose has come full circle as he uses his knowledge and expertise to guide young athletes in not only recovering from an injury but in the prevention of injury through optimized movement and athleticism.